Reserve Data, LLC is an institutional data placement consultancy firm.  Our firm specializes in the placement of consumer publisher data overflow through our extensive network of optimized channels.

Our clientele represents large domestic and offshore call centers, data re sellers, as well as institutional rev share coops.  Our firm places an average of 10 million real time and fresh data and leads weekly.

Reserve Data, LLC also maintains an extremely robust legacy database covering a multiplicity of the most popular consumer verticals. Our legacy data base is updated and appended on a bi weekly basis.  Our current gross legacy volume is measured in the billions of files.

What We've Achieved

  • Reserve Data leases and owns real time data feeds in all consumer verticals.
  • Reserve Data owns and maintains one of the largest privately held consumer legacy databases.
  • We sponsor and provide real time and legacy data flows to several of the largest US consumer call centers.
  • Reserve Data is a pioneer in the rev share business arena.
  • Reserve Data is in the process of refining and developing a semantic based universal online consumer lead market platform.
  • Reserve Data is one of the first lead generation and aggregation concerns to apply a dynamic pricing model to its real time data flows based on aggregate held volume.